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John Terry talks about his Chelsea past, present, and future, including coaching in Soccer AM interview

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A fantastic 10-minute interview with John Terry by "Tubes" (aka. Peter Dale) of Soccer AM. The Chelsea captain talks about the days gone by (including the hazing stories from when he was just starting out, the Champions League full-kit episode, etc.), the current season (winning another trophy; plus plenty of praise thrown Mourinho's way), and the future.

It's perhaps this latter bit that's the most interesting.

"I'm doing my badges at the minute. It's long, it's difficult at the minute while I'm still playing, with not many days off and Champions League football and everything. But I'm getting there and it's something I want to look into doing, but I'm not sure. I was keen for three of four years... I've got to later on in my life now where I'm 50/50. I don't know whether I want to be in that every day."

"My dream was to manage Chelsea, it was, it really was, but the more I've been doing it, I don't know. Maybe a role within the club would be more up my street. The pressures of playing all my career, to kind of throw myself back in that for the rest of my life."

"And also you can't start at Chelsea, you can't start at the very top. You have to go out and learn your trade."

-John Terry; source: Sky Sports

I guess this is why we'll have to do a Terry and Lampard two-in-a-box thing! (England manager Roy Hodgson actually spoke recently of Lampard's future in coaching as well.)

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