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There's 'no chance' Mourinho leaves Chelsea, not even for twice the money

At least right now, "at the moment' of course. Things can and do change in the world of football, sometimes quite rapidly in fact. Especially at the top level, as Carlo Ancelotti seems to have made a habit of finding out over and over, for example. But back to Mourinho, who's been quizzed about his immediate future with increasingly regularity as the season winds down and rumors of a contract extension make the rounds.

"Until Mr Abramovich says, I don't see myself going. Any club comes to me now and offers me a fantastic project, offers me twice my wages in the contract at Chelsea, no chance."

"The day Mr Abramovich thinks I am not good enough for Chelsea, I want to work, and if possible in England too. [So if one day it's not Chelsea], I see myself coaching another club, yes, but I love Chelsea and I am in Mr Abramovich's hands and until then I am here."

-Jose Mourinho; source: BBC

Sunday will mark Mourinho's 296th match in charge of Chelsea (5th most all-time) and the 111th since returning two summers ago. The first time around, he and Abramovich made it just past the three-year honeymoon period. Let's hope we make it past at least that much the second time.

Step one, let's get that new contract extension sorted out!

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