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Mourinho, Hazard named Premier League Manager, Player of the Year, respectively

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It's a Chelsea clean sweep of the final two major awards of the Premier League season!  Jose Mourinho is your Premier League Manager of the Season and Eden Hazard is your Premier League Player of the Season.  It's Mourinho's third time winning the award (just like it's his third time winning the league) while it's just the first win (of hopefully many more) for Eden Hazard.

Perhaps the only reason these are surprising in any way — speaking as a strictly biased observer, of course — is that neither Mourinho nor Hazard won any of the monthly awards.  But the "expert" panel who are in charge of these things finally got their act together at the end and gave recognition to the ones most deserving.  Well done!

Jose Mourinho's third win brings him level with Arsene Wenger for second most all-time after Sir Alex Ferguson's rather imposing 11 wins.  All three of Mourinho's wins have come since Wenger's last (2003-04).  Meanwhile, Hazard becomes the second Chelsea player ever to win the Player of the Season award, following Frank Lampard's win in 2004-05.

Congratulations, everyone!  Here's a rather picturesque celebratory tweet from Chelsea official, fit for your next office motivational poster. Synergy!