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Chelsea confirm Monday's parade route via overly elaborate computer animation

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Back in my day, we just used PDF maps.  But kids these days need their fancy graphics.  And so, Chelsea TV, in a bid to stay relevant in this day and age, have released this overly elaborate computer simulation of Monday's parade route.

Good work by whichever intern put that together of course.  Maybe now we can get a tunnel cam and longer YouTube videos, too?  No worries, I'm not holding my breath.

As far as the parade itself, it will follow a fairly standard route, starting out at Stamford Bridge and then heading east on Fulham Road.  A couple right turns later, the bus convoy will be heading back west on King's Road and eventually end up at Eel Brook Common.  A previous version of the route had the parade continue westward to Parsons Green, but apparently that's not happening now?  (Or at least not as part of the "official" parade?)

In either case, Eel Brook Common should have big screens and loudspeakers set up for the spectators and that's where the bulk of the festivities, the speeches, and all the cheering should occur.  If you can't make it, Chelsea TV will stream it all live (and for free).

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