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Mourinho still trying desperately to keep Petr Cech at Chelsea next season

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Here's Jose Mourinho's latest public plea to keep the legendary Petr Cech at Chelsea next season.  On the three year anniversary of a most glorious night where Cech took center stage and broke Bayern Munich hearts, Mourinho's hoping that the goalkeeper's heart will rule over his mind.

"My perfect scenario is that he stays with us. He belongs with this club, and this club belongs to his history and his life."

"He's a fantastic goalkeeper, a fantastic squad man in the dressing room. I tried to prove the respect I have for him my playing him in the FA Cup and Capital One Cup final. I played him in the Champions League. I gave him matches in the Premier League. I tried to make him feel important, as he is, but I can imagine at 32 or 33, he still feels young and has the passion and desire to play every game."

"If it's in my hands, he would never go. He would never go to big clubs and fantastic teams, big candidates who want to win the Premier League. I would never let him go, but it's not in my hands."

-Jose Mourinho; source: FourFourTwo

Arsenal and Manchester United have emerged as the leading contenders for Cech's signature this summer, and neither of those prospects elicits too many happy or excited feelings.  Sure, it's always just business in the end, but until such a day comes, we can still hope that romance and emotion win out here.

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