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Sky Sports claim Real Madrid are looking for a new manager, rule out Jose Mourinho

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

This one's from the one and only Guillem Balague, who's famous in my household for often being mentioned in the same breath as Fernando Torres and Rafa Benitez.

On the positive side of the ledger, Balague was one of the first to report on the Mata-to-Chelsea rumors back in the day.  Not coincidentally, he was also one of the first to (correctly) report on Juan Mata's departure from Chelsea, though not after much guessing and false rumors (including one that had Matinha going to Arsenal).  Over the years, he's also claimed Falcao was coming to Stamford Bridge multiple times.  Not exactly a perfect record, but perhaps perfection is not to be expected in his line of business.

In any case, he's got a report up on Sky Sports right now claiming bold things about Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti's future.  As potential replacements for Uncle Carlo, Balague name-drops a handful of targets, including some nonsense about Jose Mourinho, who left Real Madrid (and Florentino Perez who's still the club's president) by saying that he's finally going to a place where he's loved and where he can be happy.

Yes, Balague quickly dismissed his own rumor.  Like within the same sentence quickly.

[Real Madrid] have spoken to Jose Mourinho - he said no to them, of course.

-source: Sky Sports

But they, at least they (and, in a way, we) got a good headline out of it.  Journalism!

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