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Traore grabs brace in Vitesse draw

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Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The focus this season has understandably been on the success of the senior team, but we shouldn't allow that to overshadow the good work done by Chelsea's top loanees. Patrick Bamford has, of course, gotten plenty of credit, but another star has, perhaps, not gotten the credit he deserved. At 19, you could argue that Bertrand Traore's season with Vitesse has been even more impressive than Bamford's with Middlesbrough.

The Burkina Faso international is certainly ending it with a bang, at least. On Sunday, Vitesse battled to a 3-3 draw against Utrecht in their final match of the season; Traore scored twice, his 12th and 13th of the league season. Here's goal one:

... a not-very-good video of goal two:

Despite the outcome (Vitesse blew a 2-0 lead and didn't manage to finish in the Europa League places), it was a pretty good day for Chelsea's Eredivise loanees. In addition to Traore's brace, Josh McEachran and substitute Wallace both got an assist apiece. Not too shabby.