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Pulis: Beneath it all, Mourinho's a normal person

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

I have a confession to make: I love Tony Pulis. Sure, his teams tend toward brutalilty and his transfer dealings can be bizarre, but he knows how to get results and his record of turning relegation fodder into solid outfits is unmatched. He is quite obviously a master at what he does, and for me there are few more impressive managers in the top flight.

So, with that confession in mind I pay attention when Pulis says nice things about Jose Mourinho. It's fluff, sure, but so's the cup of tea I'm currently drinking and let me tell you I'm enjoying the [fun] out of that:

He has got an edge, the edge is he wants to win and knows how to win. He demands winning and I have never seen him work as a coach but I know Steve Holland [Chelsea assistant] and Steve thinks he is outstanding.

You have got to want to win. He is very driven. At the beginning of this season I did a Chelsea home game and I stayed in the hotel they stayed in. I'd rung Steve and Mourinho came down for a drink. We sat there for a couple of hours and he's just one of us. You get pigeon-holed as this special human being but you take that off him and he's the same as us.

Source: ESPNFC

Can you imagine what the ‘purists’ would do if they say Mourinho and Pulis having a drink together, discussing their plans for the imminent destruction of football? The feebler of them would keel over on the spot; those of more robust constitution would merely die a thousand deaths embarrassing themselves on Twitter. It would, in other words be utterly blissful.

Also I would like a Pulis-Mourinho buddy comedy film. Please?

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