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Arsene Wenger claims Arsenal 'not interested' in Petr Cech

But just wait until you hear the reason why!

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

As with many of these first-hand quotes from managers about prospective player targets or potential sales, Arsene Wenger's words could be interpreted in at least two different ways, with one interpretation the polar opposite of the other.

"That's a tricky question [about Petr Cech] because we are not interested in anybody at the moment. We will start with transfers at the end of the season and I don't deal with the 'if' [players are available]."

Which is certainly what he would say if they weren't interested in Cech.  But it's also most likely what he would say if they were interested in him, too.  No need to needlessly fritter away any bit of leverage when it comes to negotiations, and especially when it comes to negotiations with rivals!

But let's take it at face value.  Because that makes the second part all that funnier.  So Arsenal aren't interested in Cech because ... drumroll please ... wait for it ... Arsenal aren't interested in Cech because ...

"We have world-class goalkeepers, we have three."

That's right, three!  Not one, not two, three!  Three world-class goalkeepers at Arsenal, namely Wojciech Szczęsny, David Ospina, and ... hang on, I have to Google this ... Damián Emiliano Martinez.  Martinez, for example, is so amazingly world class, that he spent several weeks on loan at Championship strugglers Rotherham United because the Premier League was simply not challenging enough.

In any case, whatever Wenger's reasons are, he's denying any interest in Petr Cech at the moment.  And that suits me just fine.

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