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Chelsea to give every contributor a medal

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

What qualifies players for Premier League winners medals? Who cares?

Actually, let's care. It used to be that only players with at least 10 appearances were allowed to get a winners medal.  Then that limit was lowered to 5.  Recently, the rule was changed altogether.  Now the champions get 40 medals to distribute as they see fit, with the stipulation that all players who made at least 5 appearances get a medal.  Any leftovers can be distributed as the club sees fit.

Chelsea are going ... one step beyond ... the rules in order to give every player who's featured on the pitch during the campaign a medal, buying their own replicas to hand out to those who didn't qualify directly.

This is a great gesture, and really epitomises how Jose Mourinho's Chelsea side functions. Cesc Fabregas said earlier in the week that the Blues feel far more like a unified family than did, say, Barcelona, and you can see that here. Everyone's in it together, and the success of the group is rewarded for all.

Meanwhile, we'll be getting other honours as well. Ish. Tony Pulis, whom Mourinho went out of his way to praise during his press conference just now, has confirmed that West Bromwich Albion will be giving the champions a guard of honour at the Hawthorns on Monday. Presumably he thinks Liverpool didn't do it right.

PS: I've been thinking about the honour guard thing and have concluded that everyone should do it to us at all times, rather than just when we win a championship. Recognise our innate superiority and all.

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