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Stamford Bridge re-development rumours welcomed by Supporters Trust

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It's fair to say that Chelsea's proposal to move away from Stamford Bridge back in 2012 was not met with unanimous approval from the fans. And unlike much supporter pressure, which tends to be directionless and without consequence, the antipathy towards a move represented a real stumbling block for the club. The Chelsea Pitch Owners didn't want to go and had the power to prevent the club from going. So here we are, still at the Bridge. And Premier League champions, I might add.

The plans to bring Chelsea up to a more modern stadium capacity therefore went back to the drawing board, and over the past few weeks we've seen news that something big is happening. This time, however, the plan is to redevelop Stamford Bridge, and the supporters are a bit happier about it. So sayeth the Trust, at any rate:

From our annual surveys, members' meetings and general feedback received, it is clear the majority of CST members are very keen for the club to stay at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's home since the formation of the club in 1905.

It seems real progress is being made behind the scenes towards the club achieving this aim, which has to be seen as good news. We await further developments and any formal announcement with interest.

-Chelsea Supporters Trust. Source: GetWestLondon.

Re-developing Stamford Bridge is hardly the most cost-effective way of solving our stadium capacity issues, but even if it does cost more money (which doesn't come out of FFP, incidentally), it's definitely what the fans want. In the linked article, Dan Levene says that we might see an official announcement from the club very shortly -- it'll be very interesting to see what they come up with.

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