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Mourinho invites Schürrle back to Stamford Bridge to celebrate the title

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

André Schürrle might have left Chelsea in January, but the perfectly-coiffed German has not been forgotten at Stamford Bridge. He was apparently (and unfortunately) unaware that his contributions to the Premier League title this season would be rewarded with a medal, but was surprised from a text from José Mourinho himself saying that he'd be getting one -- and that he'd be invited back for the final match of the season as well:

I didn't know that I'd get a medal when I didn't play most of the second half of the season. Jose Mourinho sent me a text to say that I'd get a medal and he asked me to come to the last game. That was very nice for me. I'm really happy for the boys. They played a very good second half of the season so of course me it's good to get a medal but the boys did the work.

Source: BBC.

Awwwwwww. Assuming he does come back, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Schürrle in the crowd (and perhaps in the post-match celebrations) for our match against Sunderland. Despite the troubles he had during the autumn, he scored some important and memorable goals for us.