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Player Ratings: John Terry and Willian continue their sizzling form

Clive Rose/Getty Images

1. JOHN TERRY - DC 8.5
Minutes played90
What's left to say about JT's most excellent season, and one that he's finishing on a very strong note with as many Man of the Match awards over the last dozen matches as Eden Hazard?  Probably not too much.

But as the man who just became the Premier League's all-time leader in goals scored by a defenseman finishes another season in Chelsea blue, we once again have to think about a long-term plan for our center back position.  JT's been great this year.  He was pretty good last year, too.  Before then, not nearly as much.  It's unrealistic to expect his stellar form to continue ad infinitum.  He's only going to get older and while he may yet get even wiser, at some point he will become ineffective.  Will Cahill be the natural replacement?  Zouma?  Will it be someone from the academy?  Perhaps a new signing?  We must get this one right, just like we did at goalkeeper.

2. WILLIAN - AMR 7.9
Minutes played90
Willian's another player finishing the year on a very strong note.  If you would've told most fans a few months ago that the £30m-man with the afro would be winning Man of the Match votes while consistently outperforming Eden Hazard, they might have had you locked away.  But here we are, with Willian outperforming an already vacationing Hazard, while also winning 2 of the last 4 Man of the Match votes.

And, as far as I know, none of us have even been taken away to the looney bin!  Great success!

Minutes played90
Courtois wasn't supposed to start this one, but Cech's last-minute injury meant that the new Chelsea no.1 was called upon once again to thwart Philippe Coutinho and the rest of the Red menace.  Just like in the League Cup semifinal, he did so admirably.

It was a good enough performance in fact to beat out even Ruben Loftus-Cheek's full debut, which I had been certain would make it to a podium finish (barring any huge disasters from the academy product, of which there were none).

Filipe Luís (6.9), Zouma (6.9), Ivanović (6.6), Mikel (6.2), Loftus-Cheek (7.3), Hazard (6.0), Fàbregas (7.1), Rémy (6.5)

Cahill (6.9), Matić (7.1), Cuadrado (5.7)


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