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Chelsea closing in on yet another young Brazilian star, according to reports

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Chelsea have been reducing the size of their loan army over the past several seasons, but before the summer transfer window has opened, it's looking as if Chelsea are going to be working diligently to replenish the ranks. The latest young star to be linked to Vitesse Chelsea is Fluminense's Robert Kenedy, who is a teammate of fellow loan army recruit Nathan de Souza in the Brazil youth setup.

Kenedy has been linked to Chelsea for much of the spring, but now The Guardian are reporting that the Blues are starting to get serious about completing a deal. Like Nathan, Kenedy would not qualify for a work permit in England yet, and would be farmed out for several seasons as he acclimates to Europe.

I haven't seen a ton of Kenedy, but the little I've seen with the Brazil youth setup would lead me to believe that he's a player we should be relatively excited about landing. At the figures suggested by The Guardian, there's almost no risk attached to the move for Jose Mourinho's side, and the potential reward makes this an easy rumnor to get excited about.

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