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Mourinho believes Oscar will take a Hazard-esque leap next season

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Eden Hazard took a huge leap from last season to this one, and that development into one of the top players on the planet helped Chelsea run away with the 2014/15 Premier League title. Jose Mourinho thinks another Chelsea player could be in line for that same sort of improvement next season, and had the following to say about Oscar after today's match against Liverpool:

For those of us a bit worried that Oscar might have been on the chopping block after a somewhat disappointing second half, those words should provide some comfort. That sort of praise isn't usually heaped on players who aren't in Mourinho's plans for the future, and combined with Oscar's recent contract extension, should make Blues fans fairly comfortable about the Brazilian's future.

Here's hoping Mourinho is correct, as Oscar developing even further should make Chelsea's chances of repeating as Premier League champions even better.