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Diego Costa out but Rémy returns for Sunday

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Chelsea are closing in on their first Premier League crown in five years, and they've managed the run in so far without either of their primary strikers. Diego Costa's been out with a hamstring injury while Loïc Rémy's calf's been giving him problems too, and that's made it somewhat difficult to attack over the past four games.

Costa's injury is obviously a lot more serious than Rémy's, because his hamstrings have been fragile since at least this time next last year, and during Jose Mourinho's press conference he confirmed that the centre forward is being held in reserve and only to be used in case of emergency. And since no emergency appears to be rearing its head, Costa won't play against Crystal Palace on Sunday.

That doesn't mean that he's unavailable, just that we're not in desperate need of points. Should we need to go for it, Costa's around to help, but if we don't, the manager says he'll be getting some well-earned rest. But that doesn't mean we'll be relying on Didier Drogba -- Rémy is now recovered and available. Hopefully he can earn himself a starting spot for the rest of the campaign.

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