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Didier Drogba receives the Spirit of the Game Award for his charity work

We already knew that Didier Drogba was awesome not only throughout his career on the pitch, but perhaps even more so off of it. Famously, he and his Ivory Coast teammates once stopped a civil war, for example, but his charity work extends far beyond just that one instance. The Didier Drogba Foundation, as award sponsors Barclays note, "has given people the chance to dream, and for that, we presented him with the Barclays Spirit of the Game Award."

"I come from a poor family where I played football in the streets with my friends with no shoes, there was no grass but we still enjoyed it. There is nothing better than when you see a kid with a smile on his face and that is why I'm trying to help. I want to do a lot of things in Africa, I want to give people the chance to dream, and it is easier to dream when you are in good health and happy."

-Didier Drogba; source: Evening Standard

Drogba raised £400,000 just recently for the Foundation -- a.k.a Eden Hazard hat night! (Not to be confused with Cesc Fàbregas's magic hat.) -- through a charity ball attended by several of his Chelsea teammates. Well done, everybody!

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