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Chelsea fullback compares the competitiveness of the Premier League and La Liga

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Chelsea fullback Filipe Luis could find himself in the rare position of winning La Liga and the Premier League in back-to-back seasons, which puts him in a great position to compare the two. He was asked just that on Thursday, and had the following to say:

"In Spain you fight, of course, against Real Madrid and Barcelona and they almost never lose because they have the biggest squads and they are two of the biggest clubs in the world. So it’s really difficult."

"But in the Premier League the big clubs can lose and drop points. Games that are supposed to be easy are never easy. That’s why we, and other teams, lose points."

"In Spain it takes mid-90s or over a 100 points to be champion but here with Chelsea it is going to take a little less. But in the same way as Spain, we have to try to win all the games."

London Evening Standard

These comments more or less align with what watching from abroad would lead me to believe. There's little doubt that the quality at the top of La Liga is the best in the world, as the Premier League just doesn't have two clubs the caliber of Barcelona and Real Madrid at the moment.

That said, the teams in the bottom half of the La Liga table usually look considerably worse than the clubs in comparable positions in England, which would make sense due to the way the television money in the Premier League is divided. As a fan, I definitely prefer watching a league when 9-1 routs are far less frequent occurrences.

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