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Cesc Fabregas jets off to Italy to get nose fixed after meeting Charlie Adam's elbow with it

The original title for this was going to be Charlie Adam: Menace to Society, but since Cesc Fàbregas seems to be able to see the silver lining (at least publicly), I suppose I can follow his example.

But just to be clear, Charlie Adam is a menace to society and he's lucky he hit a 65-yard bomb or more people might be talking about his bear-hugs on unsuspecting Premier League imports and stray elbows into people's noses.

With Fàbregas clearly in the wrong for assault with a deadly nose -- he could've killed the lad! -- all that's left to do is find the silver lining.  "At least i might be able to fix my nose after all.... Good win today!"

At least i might be able to fix my nose after all.... Good win today!

A photo posted by Cesc Fàbregas (@cescf4bregas) on

He very well may be referring to the broken nose he suffered in 2008 while playing for Spain against Belgium in a World Cup qualifier.  He opted against surgery that time.

So, presuming the nose is indeed broken (haven't seen confirmed one way or another), he may opt to use our relatively sparse schedule to get it properly reset and fixed.  Sure enough, earlier on Tuesday, he jetted off to Italy with Chelsea Medical Director Paco Biosca.

✈️ italy with Dr. Paco

A photo posted by Cesc Fàbregas (@cescf4bregas) on

As you may recall over the last few years, the masks for Petr Čech (PC1), Fernando Torres ZORRES, and Demba BA-tman were all made by an Italian company, so perhaps Fabregas is the next in line for that "honor."

Good luck, Cesc!

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