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Coveted Brazilian prospect Kenedy edges closer to Fluminense exit

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

With a new [Insert nationality here] Messi already rumored to be incoming, now we need the next Neymar or Robinho or whoever young Brazilian talents get likened to nowadays.  They're probably the only nation not to ever get their own little Messi.  How sad.  But when's the next Mineiro coming along, that's what I want to know!

Investment fund closes with Kenedy, and Chelsea is likely destination

Forward, 19, leave the Tricolor in the middle of the year and to go to the English club. Business has approximate values ​​of R $ 27 million, R $ 15 million for the Flu

-source: Globo Esporte

Reading the rest of Globo's report, the one thing that becomes clear is that there are plenty of financial shenanigans going on, which should be fun for all involved.  For whatever reason, Fluminense are set to sell the 19-year-old to an investment fund -- hey, that sentence doesn't sound weird at all! -- who are then expected to cash-in on their investment in the summer when they in-turn sell the player to Chelsea.  Or Manchester United.  Or whoever else might get linked in the meantime.  Apparently helping our cause is the involvement of the agent who represents Oscar, Willian, and Ramires (though he's not Kenedy's agent, officially).  The price rumored from our end is a cool £6m.


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