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Premier League trophy spotted at Stamford Bridge after BBC error

Clive Mason/Getty Images

The Premier League trophy -- not yet won, of course -- has already been on display at Stamford Bridge, spotted on the pitch by an eagle-eyed group of stadium tourists. If that sounds like a colossal [fun] up to you, that's because it definitely was, although mercifully the error was a result of someone else's incompetence rather than any gross cockiness from the club.

Here's the BBC with an apology for the fiasco:

We were filming a sequence for use in the event that Chelsea win the Premier League and the footage will only air on that basis. We made every effort to ensure the trophy wasn’t exposed to the public, but unfortunately it was briefly visible from a distance to a stadium tour.

Good work, kids. Chelsea are angry that they've been made to look arrogant more arrogant than usual, and the Premier League is also pretty angry that its shiny pot found its inevitable home early (according to the Mail, it was on display on Tuesday, which meant that we were still six points away during filming). Meanwhile Sky are angry that the trophy wasn't on the pitch at Anfield or the Emirates.

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