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More Chelsea tunnel cam, this time from Leicester City!

Oh look, another team whose in-house video and social media productions are kind enough to grace the world with the all-knowing, all-seeing tunnel cam. Well done, Leicester City Official, though this one's a bit shorter than most.

"Foxes never quit!"

Gotta love those "Carefree..." chants filtering down just as the teams are about to walk out for kick-off. And then Mourinho says something funny to Mark Schwarzer. I think it's "do you need a lift?" Mourinho's such an ageist.

It's the Chelsea fans who provide the soundtrack after the final whistle as well with "We're gonna win the league" and the Fabregas song. Mourinho waits to give old soldier Esteban Cambiasso a hug. Both the Chelsea manager and the goalkeeping coach give props to Kasper Schmeichel. And before the fade-out, there's just time enough to witness a happy reunion: Cech and Schwarzer, the two veterans and teammates for 18 months, embracing with a smile. Isn't tunnel cam just the best?

(So get on it already, Chelsea TV!)

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