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Chelsea comeback thanks to team spirit and a half-time filled with expletives

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The key to being a good man manager -- and Jose Mourinho is certainly one of the best -- is knowing which buttons to press at the appropriate times.  Sometimes you need to encourage.  Sometimes you need to give the silent treatment.  Sometimes you need to call in a crazed Scotsman to stir things up with unintelligible jokes.  And sometimes, you just need the good ol' fashioned hair dryer treatment.

"If I tell you on television what I said [at half-time] it will be ‘peep, peep, peep'. Too many peeps."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Guardian

(There is a Vine of this funny moment as well, but their embeds are broken at the moment.  It's around the 1:20 mark of the video below.)

Mourinho hailed the performances of both young and old, experienced and non-experienced.  From Drogba soldiering on, to the "giants" of Matic, Ramires, Fabregas, and others, to the great Petr Cech and John Terry, the Chelsea manager was quite pleased with his team.  And not just today, but for the whole month of April.

"In the second half the early goal was important. After that we were completely under control. We played so well, so fluidly, that the goal had to arrive sooner or later. The boys did fantastically."


"April was the month people were waiting for Chelsea to sleep, to lose a game. It was a month with problems, without Diego Costa and Remy, with only Didier and Oscar playing as strikers, and it was exactly the month where we were phenomenal: tactically phenomenal, the team spirit, the way we defended, the way we were clinical in our goals, the stability we showed in every game. We played five matches in April; we won everything and drew with Arsenal."

"I am so happy. I just need three [more] points to celebrate."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

The first chance for get those three points will be Sunday, at Stamford Bridge, against Crystal Palace.  Let's go!

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