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Zouma: We can't let Arsenal's jealousy distract us

Clive Rose/Getty Images

I quite like that Arsenal fans resorted to the same old chants during the 0-0 draw at the Emirates this weekend. Sports are about winning; they're therefore about making everyone else lose, and taking joy in everyone else suffering is therefore just as central to football as taking joy in your own team's triumph. To that end, I think making everyone else angry while getting a point is probably better than the point alone.

So by all means, call Chelsea boring. We'll be snickering at you from 10 points clear.

Kurt Zouma, meanwhile, is staying concentrated despite the jealousy:

No, I don’t like this kind of sentence but the supporters can say what they want as we have to be focused on our game. The most important thing is that we keep going and keep winning points.

I think we play the same but more defensively because we know that everybody wants to beat us and we are focused on only the points. There’s a target for everybody, we are almost there. We have to win the two next matches. We are very determined - all season we've work very hard to win this league.

They (the fans) are jealous because their team is not top of the league and they want to be top of the league like everyone wants to; that's normal. Everyone wants to beat you so for us we have to be concentrated and be focused.

Source: Sky Sports.

Stay calm, stay focused and remember that everyone else in England is jealous of you. Good advice from a young defender.

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