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Eden Hazard named PFA Player of the Year

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the best player on the Premier League's runaway leaders has been named PFA Player of the Season. Much like the title race, a false narrative of competition was established -- Perhaps this mediocre Brazilian might win! Maybe this gawping World War II bomber pilot-looking centre forward might take the crown! Please all pretend that there's some suspense! -- but it was to no avail. Eden Hazard is the best player in league by some distance, and he got his due today.

Hazard's genius has always been obvious, but this season his extraordinary displays have been the norm rather than mere flittering glimpses. Throughout the year, he's been there for Chelsea, scoring important goals and inducing panic in the opposition. He hasn't single-handedly lifted the Blues to a title, of course -- this is a team, and an excellent one -- but he's been so consistently exhilarating and productive that it would have been churlish to hand the award to anyone else. Thankfully, the Premier League's players agree.

Congratulations, Eden. Now it's time to go for back-to-back wins.

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