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Arsenal 0 - Chelsea 0: Initial reaction and community rating form

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Chelsea had the title all but mathematically wrapped up before Sunday's match, and really didn't need a win for anything other than bragging rights. With some competent officiating, they'd have likely come away with that win, but Michael Oliver had other ideas, and instead we leave with a draw.

Chelsea were denied a stonewall penalty when David Ospina ran over Oscar in the box, and were denied a second when Cesc Fabregas was booked for diving after being kicked by Santi Cazorla. Aside from a poor effort from Ramires when Willian set him free on goal, there weren't many other chances worth mentioning, and the Blues' magic number is now down to just six points.


  • I'm not sure how David Ospina spearing Oscar in the box didn't result in a penalty and a booking. The only question should have been whether it was a red or a yellow. Then again, given the decision made on the Fabregas penalty shout, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. #Campaign
  • NBC made a big deal about concussion protocols during the halftime break, arguing that Oscar should have been taken off before even touching on the penalty shouts. Those protocols, which 'require' teams to remove a player if there's a suspected loss of consciousness, will never work unless clubs are allowed additional substitutions when removing players due to suspected head injuries. Make the health of the player the only concern for the manager, and you'll probably see better decisions.
  • Get well soon, Oscar.
  • How good was Willian today? He must enjoy killing dinosaurs as much as he likes killing lions.
  • It's interesting that Kurt Zouma has seemingly moved ahead of John Obi Mikel in the midfield pecking order. With the Mourinho talking up Ruben Loftus-Cheek and the Blues being heavily linked to Paul Pogba, you have to wonder if the Nigerian's future lies elsewhere.
  • With the magic number down to six, I think it's probably safe to start planning the parade to celebrate the double. Better luck next year, Arsene, Louis, and Manuel.

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