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Eden Hazard: 'I am happy here' and 'I want to win trophies' with Chelsea

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Sadly, Sky Sports does not provide a way to embed their videos.  So, you will have to traverse the following link, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click play.  There's an initial 3.5-minute intro video, followed by a longer, 12-minute-long video of Eden Hazard getting interviewed (in English!) by Sky's Gary Cotterill.

It's well worth your time, as just about anything Hazard-related is.

The highlight comes towards the end, when Eden is asked about the recent praise from Zinedine Zidane and whether he thinks his boyhood idol's trying to charm him to Real Madrid.  While Hazard does admit that praise from Zidane supercedes all other praise -- as it would for anybody else getting praise by their number one hero -- he denies any intention of leaving Chelsea anytime soon.

"Why [wouldn't I see my long-term future at Stamford Bridge]? I am happy here. I play with big players and the most important thing is I want to win trophies and with this club, it is possible."


" day I hope I can win [the Champions League] as it is the best. All the big players have won the Champions League and I hope I can bring, like Didier [Drogba] did, the Champions League to Stamford Bridge."

-Eden Hazard; source: Sky

Cotterill goes on to ask Hazard about his dancing at Drogba's charity event ("I like to dance, sometimes") and his hat ("It was good, no?"), the wonderful team spirit at Chelsea ("everybody, we are friends"), as well as the standard bits about the Messi/CR7 comparisons ("I can reach another level").  There's also the usual question about his relationship with Jose Mourinho.

"I train well with him, we work well. But the most important thing for me is he let my play, he just asked me to be the best and he doesn't give me pressure. So for the player we are free and this is good."

"Everybody knows I like to have the ball at my feet, but without the ball I try to give everything offensively, defensively. This is my job. But for me, the most important thing is to create something, to score for the team or create an assist."

-Eden Hazard; source: Sky

Or maybe Hazard just doesn't feel pressured by the pressure put on him.  Carefree, wherever he may be.  And I mean that as a compliment.

Either way, sounds like everything's in order then at the Garden of Eden.

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