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Mourinho: 'I don't care' how much Hazard's worth, he's not going anywhere

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With Eden Hazard's level of play and general match-impact reaching new heights this season, he's gathering the plaudits from near and afar, both domestically and from abroad.  He's the favorite for Premier League player of the year, the favorite for Chelsea's player of the year, the favorite of Chelsea fans, the favorite of the Chelsea manager, and, apparently, the favorite of even Zinedine Zidane.  And Zidane's probably not the only decision-maker/influencer at a world class club who wouldn't mind seeing Hazard in his own team's colors.

Mourinho was asked in Friday's press conference about the recent rumors linking Hazard to Real Madrid, and, unsurprisingly, the Chelsea manager dismissed any and all concerns about it.

"Hazard just signed a new contract and we didn't put a gun against his head, he had lots of time to think about it and he had his family to assist him in his analysis. He likes Chelsea, the team and the league and he made a commitment for the future of the team by signing a very good contract. I don't think he is interested in going."

Well, I for one am certainly relieved that we don't force our players to sign their contract extensions at gunpoint.  There's a load off my mind!

Jose was then asked if he'd care to put a price on the world's third best player like he did last summer when he valued Hazard and Oscar at a combined £300m.

"I don't care."

Priceless.  Amen.

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