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It's Arsenal vs. Chelsea in the Rugby Crossbar Challenge as well

Yesterday was St. George's Day, so in honor of that Sky Sports England celebrated the only way possible, with a very special version of the rossbar challenge! Featuring England internationals in both rugby (George Ford and Jack Nowell) and football, the challenge combined hitting the rugby goal crossbar with a rugby ball and then hitting the same crossbar with a football. The accuracy was mostly impressive, especially from the rugby boys. When the footballers tried to kick the egg-shaped weirdness, hilarity ensued.

The choice of the two football players in the challenge was undoubtedly not a coincidence. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain vs. Gary Cahill, as in the crossbar challenge, as on the pitch Sunday, as on your TV sets on Sky Sports. It is this pairing that provides that highlight of the whole clip, around the 1:53 mark.

"[to Cahill:] You can do what you want, you're winning the league."

-Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Mmm ... now serving Alex, extra bitter! Just like his manager. HA-HA! Even Cahill repping the SW6 like the champion he's going to be. (Soon.)

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