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Nathan's Chelsea contract remains unsigned

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All quiet on the Nathan front.

Heuler Andrey/Getty Images

As far as we can tell, young Nathan Allan de Souza has been in London for about a week now, most likely undergoing a Chelsea medical, getting a tour of the facilities, eating some hotel food, and hanging out with fellow Brazilians like Philippe Coutinho.

Jantar com meu amigo / Dinner with my friend @phil.coutinho ⚽️

A photo posted by Instagram Oficial † (@nathanallan10) on

The one thing that remains is signing the actual contract, which it would appear still has not happened.  I'm no expert, but I think this is a fairly crucial step in completing the transfer.  Until then, Nathan's biding his time in a hotel alongside his father.

Jose Mourinho commented on the Nathan situation a couple days ago as well.

"He's a player that our structure followed, and our structure thinks it's a player with potential for the future."

"If the deal is close, I will try to help him, as I try to help everyone, to become a Chelsea player. But he's not a player in my squad now, or a player I'm waiting for. I'm focused just on my job and my team."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Mail

Deals with third-party owners involved tend to be tricky propositions -- Nathan's only 70% owned by Atlético-PR -- so perhaps therein lies the crux of the delay.  Either way, eventually he'll probably sign and then we'll get an official announcement.

NB. The Twitter profile @nathanallan10 is apparently fake.  It would seem that the player's only social media account is on Instagram.