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Bamford: 'I want to play for Chelsea, I hope I do get that chance'

Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

The Championship Player of the Year wants to play for Chelsea.  It's a good thing he's a Chelsea player already!  (Sort of.)

"I want to play for Chelsea, I hope I do get that chance and I think I can compete."

"A lot of people said I left Nottingham Forest for the wrong reasons, but that wasn't true. I wanted to play for a top team like Chelsea."

-Patrick Bamford; source: Express

Alas, none of the nearly 50 goals he's scored since signing for Chelsea have come for Chelsea.  Maybe it's time to change that?

"However, after two years regularly playing out on loan, going back and sitting on the bench wouldn't really help me.  So it's down to those at the top at Chelsea to decide what will be the best for my career and what to do next year."

-Patrick Bamford; source: Express

And so here we are, facing that nearly impossible question once again.  Just how do we integrate our returning loanees?  There's most certainly no one definite answer.  What might work for one might not work for another.

So what do we do with Bamford?  Do we bring him in as the third striker, as the Drogba replacement?  (Assuming Drogba retires or goes off to play in America or some such.)  That seems to be  most obvious solution, but it would involve plenty of sitting on the bench, which apparently Bamford isn't too keen on.  Unless of course he does a Harry Kane.  Can he do a Harry Kane?  Probably not as easily as Harry Kane could do a Harry Kane.  The Spurs striker didn't have to face Costa and Remy.  Surely, it's worth a try though, no?

On the other hand, Bamford had spoken previously of his desire to stay in Middlesbrough next season, too, so perhaps these words are just paving the way for that to happen.  I'm sure Aitor Karanka would be delighted.  Chelsea would be, too, probably, provided Boro manage to secure promotion.  Would Bamford be happy to do another loan tour?  And still maintain his Chelsea ambition?  I guess we'd find out.

There are no easy answers here, as ever.

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