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Didier Drogba latest Chelsea striker to pick up an injury

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Three of a kind, working on a full house.

So that's unfortunate that Drogba isn't going to be on the pitch with Ronaldo and Zidane and friends for tonight's Match Against Poverty because of an ankle injury.

Wait, what was that?  An injury?  An ankle injury?  Are those alarm bells I'm hearing?

There's no word on the severity of the ankle injury and obviously it could be just a minor precautionary thing since Drogba did finish the full 90 minutes for the second straight game on Saturday against Manchester United.  Perhaps we don't even worry about it if our first-choice and second-choice strikers are fit.  But they aren't fit, so we do worry.  Diego Costa isn't really expected to be back for at least another week, but probably longer.  Loïc Rémy was supposedly doing "better than 50-50" on Friday, yet couldn't even make the bench on Saturday.

We could possibly be heading to the Emirates with zero fully fit strikers.  We probably will be heading to the Emirates with zero fully fit strikers.  Hopefully we'll have at least one somewhat fit one.  Otherwise, I guess we play Kurt Zouma up top?

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