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Chelsea vs. Stoke City: You choose the squad

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Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Chelsea are closing in on clinching the Premier League title, but they've still got several tricky fixtures ahead of them before they can begin celebrating. This weekend, however, the Blues should have a fairly straightforward affair against an opponent with little left to play for.

Stoke are exactly the sort of opponent title-chasing sides usually love to have at home as the season is winding down. Mark Hughes' men are in no danger of relegation, and also have no real chance at qualifying for Europe, giving them little of real importance to play for.

The squad is mostly fit ahead of the clash, thought the status of John Obi Mikel is still a bit uncertain. With that in mind, I've left him out of this week's selection form. Please fill out the attached form to submit your selections, and as always, you can keep up with the results by clicking this link.