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Cesc Fabregas can hardly wait to win his first ever Premier League title

Bat-Cesc drunk on tigerblood and winning.

Chelsea have been waiting for five years, since 2009-10 to win a Premier League title. Cesc Fàbregas has been waiting for 27. It looks like in his eighth Premier League season, he will finally do it. How about those first seven? Arsene, care to comment?

Yeah, didn't think so.

With Barcelona and Arsenal on his pre-Chelsea career resume, it's probably a safe bet that Fàbregas has never been involved in a win like Chelsea's 1-0 Mourinho-ing of Mourinho-mentor Louis van Gaal's Arsenal-lookalike Manchester United. Yet the Chelsea summer signing is clearly delighted despite not getting the opportunity to pad his passes attempted and completed numbers with harmless and ineffective possession. Mourinho has un-brainwashed the brainwashing! I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. This is Mourinho we're talking about. Plus, above almost everything else, players like winning the most.

There's a decent chance that the next time Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge, we will do so as champions. On Saturday, we confirmed at least a top four finish. Wins next weekend at Arsenal and the following Wednesday at Leicester City would mathematically guarantee the title as well. Let's go!

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