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Chelsea vs. Manchester United: You choose the squad

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Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Chelsea now have a magic number of just 12 points to win the title, with 21 points still to play for. Taking something away from this weekend will be difficult, though, as Manchester United are suddenly red hot and have all but wrapped up a Champions League spot which seemed in doubt just two months ago.

The Blues will definitely be without striker Diego Costa, but will likely have Loic Remy available. Both Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas are now out of yellow card danger, so Jose Mourinho will have his first choice pivot pairing to choose from as well.

It's likely that the manager will set up conservatively, knowing that a point is an excellent result given the circumstances. What would you do if placed in charge at Chelsea though? Pleas fill out the attached form letting us know your selections, and you can check in on the rest of the voting by clicking this link.