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Oscar doesn't want to leave Chelsea, knows he can contribute more

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With all the transfer rumors swirling around Oscar lately -- for the second summer in a row -- it was only a matter of time before the player himself was asked to comment as well.  Predictably, his answer was that he's more than happy and that he wants to stay.  And why wouldn't he?  Alongside fellow 2012 arrival Eden Hazard, he's been a cornerstone of the team, under three different managers, ever since that brace against Juventus three seasons ago.

"I'm very happy here. I get along with everyone, and the club shows its praise towards me. Chelsea is one of the best clubs in the world, so I don't see why I would think of leaving."

Due in part to his constant presence in the team, I think we tend to forget that Oscar is still just 23.  He's got many more seasons of (increasingly less inconsistent) excellence ahead of him.

"I'm very happy with Chelsea's season so far and happy with my own performance as well, but I do think I could have contributed more to the team. There are different tactics depending on the opponents we face, and we respect the manager's choices. Sometimes I've ended up not playing the entire match, but I'm doing my best to fulfil my role. I'm happy with my performances."

Oscar's not unhappy, he gets plenty of playing time, and he's not agitating for a move.  Presumably, he is willing to work on his game to improve and contribute more consistently.  The only way I can see him leaving right now (barring a £300m bid) is if he isn't.

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