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Brazil coach Dunga plays matchmaker with Oscar and Juventus

Clive Mason/Getty Images

What in the world are you doing, Dunga, man?  I thought we were friends!?

"I tell Allegri that Oscar is strong and also a good lad. A forward line with him, Carlos Tevez and Alvaro Morata would drive any Coach crazy."

"It wouldn't be a step backwards for Oscar to go to Juventus. He'd be decisive in Serie A and whether he plays for Juventus or Chelsea it'll always be a great club."

Apparently part of what motivated Dunga to tell Allegri to swipe right on Oscar is some perceived lack of happiness that Oscar's experiencing under the heavy yoke of Jose Mourinho.  Or some such.

"Oscar has technique, reads situations well and is a modern and versatile trequartista. He reminds me of Roberto Baggio, but also has similarities to Massimiliano Allegri."

"Brazilians like to have fun with their football, which hasn't happened to Oscar very much recently, but I met Jose Mourinho and he spoke highly of all his Brazilian players."

What a strange sentence, that last one.  Is he accusing Mourinho of stealing Oscar's fun?  Why would it then matter that Jose spoke highly of Oscar?  Weird.  And since when is Dunga an authority of fun Brazilian football?  The dude was the most stereotypically un-Brazilian player ever.  Plus, if that's what he's telling other coaches, one wonders just what he's filling Oscar's head with while they're together on international duty.

Maybe there's something lost in translation here.  Maybe there is something real behind all those Oscar and Juve rumors?  Otherwise, it's a bit silly from the man who's built his new Brazil squad around a core of Chelsea and ex-Chelsea players.

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