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Wallace charges dropped

EuroFootball/Getty Images

Well that turned out to be a storm in a teacup. Earlier today, it emerged that 20-year-old Chelsea loanee Wallace had been arrested in Arnhem on 'suspicion of a sexual offence', and with the arrest confirmed by Vitesse the only hope we had of this all going away quietly is if the charges were dropped.

Turns out they've been dropped:

Vitesse player Wallace was released this afternoon by the police stating that he will not be prosecuted. Last night he was arrested in the center of Arnhem on suspicion of an offense. There has not been notified and therefore the prosecution waives ex officio prosecution. The investigation is now complete.

-Source:; translated by Google.

This is obviously the happiest ending we could have hoped for. Wallace is still in trouble with the club, of course -- he wasn't supposed to be out partying with a game coming up on Saturday, so he's being withheld from the squad and fined -- but that's quite a lot better than being in trouble with the law.

As you were, everyone.

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