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Chelsea vs. PSG: You choose the squad

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Chelsea will host PSG on Wednesday in what will be their biggest fixture of the season (to date). They don't need a victory at Stamford Bridge in order to see of the French champions, but a 0-0 draw is the only other resort which will see the tie end ahead of extra time, while 1-1 is the only result which would result in 30 extra minutes (and possibly penalties).

While the Paris leg was affected by several players suffering through illness, they appear to be mostly fit ahead of this one. John Obi Mikel will be out of action while he recovers from knee surgery, but as far as I can tell at the moment, he's the only first team player that won't be available for selection.

PSG are also a bit healthier than last time, though they're likely to field a very similar starting eleven to the one we saw in Paris. With that in mind, we've attached a form for you to use in letting us know who you'd select with the quarterfinals looming, and as always, you can see the results of the community voting by clicking this link.