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Ex-Chelsea player wants current team to win instead

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

David Luiz has had nothing but nice things to say about Chelsea and Jose Mourinho since leaving in the summer for a record fee (for a defender, as reported at the time), but that won't stop headline writers from painting his latest words as antagonistic missives about the club or the manager.

"He is a winner though, yes he has good memories of Chelsea, but his only objective will be to knock them out - and for us to progress."

-Thiago Silva; source: Standard

He wants his current team to progress over his old team?  No way!  This might just be the most shocking development in all of sports history.

This next one comes in a close second.

"[Mourinho] is special for you, not for me. I had some great moments at Chelsea and won a lot of titles. I was very happy."

-David Luiz; source: Mail

Apparently this constitutes David Luiz "laying into" or "hitting out" at Mourinho for the treatment received last season, which of course goes against everything he's ever said publicly about what happened last year and in the summer.  Non-first choice player doesn't believe ex-manager is the greatest manager ever.  Player who didn't play as much as others isn't ex-manager's biggest fan.  Boo-hoo.

At least he didn't call him ugly this time, right?

Will the real David Luiz please stand up?

"David is very excited to go back to Chelsea. He had great memories there, he helped them to win the Champions League - so I would be very surprised if the Chelsea fans gave him anything other than a fantastic reception."

-Thiago Silva; source: Standard


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