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Ivanovic contract extension rumors are great, but do not fit established club policy

Will flex for trophies.
Will flex for trophies.
Clive Mason/Getty Images

It was an Express "EXCLUSIVE" on Friday that Chelsea were set to offer Branislav Ivanovic a contract extension, just like his teammate for both club and country, Nemanja Matic.  Exciting!

Picked up by others during the weekend, the Express upped the ante on Sunday by claiming that Mourinho actually wants Chelsea to give Ivanovic a four-year extension, which of course would fly in the face of the club's policy of giving players 30 and over just one-year contracts (Ivanovic turned 31 just a few weeks ago).  Even more years of Ivanovic!  Even more exciting!

Unfortunately, while the rumors are great (just like Ivanovic), the trouble is that neither story makes sense.

Funnily enough, it was only a couple days before the original Express story that Mourinho himself explained the club's aforementioned contract policy for older players.  So why would he then already try to circumvent it with a four-year contract for a 31-year-old, especially when that's something that wasn't afforded even to John Terry?  Not to mention, Ivanovic's current contract doesn't actually expire until after next season.  Giving the right back even a one-year contract extension now would guarantee him 2 years of Chelsea pay, defeating the entire purpose of motivating with the challenge of 1-year deals.

So while Ivanovic has been a key part of Chelsea for last six seasons, and hopefully he can continue being that for a bit longer, if we are to stick to established policy, he won't be "eligible" for a new contract until this time, next season.  Sorry, Bane...

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