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Tim Sherwood said naughty things after his Tottenham side were thrashed by Chelsea

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Tim Sherwood isn't a very good manager, and he's also a bit of a lunatic. He knows this though, and spoke about a specific incident during his spell managing Tottenham Hotspur in which his temper got the best of him. Amazingly, it was Chelsea assistant Steve Holland that set poor Timmy off.

Here's what he had to say about the incident, which came up following a discussion of Gus Poyet's spat with Steve Bruce:

"It happened to me once last season with Tottenham. We were playing Chelsea. Nearly an hour in we had them where we wanted them. Then Jan Vertonghen makes a mistake, Younes Kaboul gets sent off, and we capitulate, lose 4-0."

"I’m hot, I’m upset. Jose Mourinho shakes hands, doesn’t say much. Steve Holland, his assistant, comes up and he’s trying to be nice. 'Unlucky mate,' he says. 'You played really well in the first half.' I tell him to f*** off. Lost my temper. Called him a patronising c***. I had to phone and apologise. Still fuming, but it was my mistake. He didn’t mean it as I thought. You’re not safe in the heat of that battle."

Sherwood had a little more to say about Chelsea's manager, his talk of campaigns, and his reaction to the opening goal in the Capital One Cup victory over Tottenham:

"When Mourinho talks about referees and campaigns, that’s calculated. He knows what he’s doing. I saw him when Chelsea scored against Tottenham last Sunday. Tottenham were doing well until that point, but the goal went in and Mourinho turned to the bench as if it was all part of some masterplan."

"It was like he was checking his watch. 'That’s strange, 40 seconds early.' He has that way. But he’s Mourinho — he can do what he wants. When you’ve got a room full of trophies and you can’t get the door shut, it’s different."

If I was Sherwood, I'd probably focus less on what Mourinho is doing in his press conferences and on the sideline, and focus more on what he's got Chelsea's eleven players doing on the pitch. The odds of Aston Villa staying up would improve quite a bit that way.

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