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Mourinho tips Kurt Zouma to succeed Terry both as a player and as a leader

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Earlier today, Mourinho guaranteed that Chelsea will give John Terry at least one more year so there's no real hurry.  But eventually, there will come a time when Terry does call it quits, or his form drops irreversibly and we can no longer offer him the standard aged 30 and over one-year deal , and we'll have to look for someone to replace him.  Of course, it's not easy to replace someone like JT, both as the rock in the heart of our defense and as the captain and the biggest leader on the team.

Should things turn out as planned however, it seems that we won't have to look to far for said replacement.

"They (Terry and Zouma) are different players. Sometimes you get replicas of players."

"Other times you can't do it, and if you can't Zouma now is 20, so one day Zouma will be 23 or 24 and will be a player of great maturity and probably leadership, too, to replace John."

So we've got a few years to ensure that Zouma is able to replace Terry in as many aspects as possible.  Fortunately, JT's playing more like a 24-year-old than a 34-year-old (minus any semblance of speed he may have ever had).

"This (replacing Terry) is a process we can take our time with because John is proving again this season that he is a player for years."

"If the fire (in him) is still there, this contract will not be the last contract he signs."

But I want to hear more about Zouma because he's come on leaps and bounds from where he was in the preseason and suddenly looks ready for even more minutes than he's been getting lately.

"Zouma is playing more than I expected, more than he expected, more than everyone expected. So he's getting very important experience. When he gets caps with France and is playing with Chelsea at this level his development will have an acceleration."

"We bought him because of his physical profile, but we were not happy with his tactical knowledge of the game. We trusted we could give that to him. In pre-season, I saw mistakes in Germany against Werder Bremen. Mistakes in Hungary against Ferencvaros. I thought ‘No problem, it will take time.' He's bright, humble, wants to work and learn, listens and is intelligent, so he's had an acceleration in that process to bring him to a level where he is competing with Gary Cahill. I thought in pre-season that Branislav Ivanovic would be my first option to replace John and Gary, but certainly not any more."

Raising the bar and raising my hopes up.  Go on, Happy!

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