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Encyclopaedia Thibautica, Volume I.4: Triple save against Hull City

"Smothering save ... diving save ... wonderful save!"

Since there's no Un-encyclopaedia Thibautica, we will not be enshrining his, in retrospect quite hilarious, mistake that led to Hull City's most unwelcome equalizer. All's well that ends well! If Hazard can laugh it off, so can I.

This triple save is no laughing matter however. The positioning and the recovery after each shot is just tremendous. Lollichon's crazy, multi-tiered drills paying off handsomely here.

As much as the howler let Hull back into the game (though it could be argued that the balance of play in the first half didn't quite match the scoreline to that point), the triple save proved a turning point for Chelsea as it seemed to galvanize the Blues while deflating the hosts. His save on Abel Hernandez after Hazard's opener was another key incident, though I suppose every save is important (Courtois made 6 total on Sunday, whereas Hull City's goalkeeper made 0).

I think my favorite part of the video is actually the audio, the increasing volume of the commentary combined with the increasingly disbelieving OHHH shouts from the crowd.

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