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Jose Mourinho is hoping to add to his ... watch collection?

Clive Rose/Getty Images

With one trophy in the bag, Jose Mourinho has already added to his extensive silverware collection this season. He's still in the hunt (and Chelsea are very much in the lead) for a second, and with the memory of him throwing his 2006 Premier League winner's medal into the crowd fresh in everyone's minds people are starting to wonder what the Special One will do if he does indeed claim the title this may.

And the answer is that he'll have to buy another watch:

When I win titles, I buy gifts for my wife, my daughter and my son. For me, I buy nothing and instead, I take my watch from my wrist and I keep it. They're in a safe box. Instead of medals or this or that, I keep a watch.

Some people keep medals, but when I finish a season with a trophy, that season is represented with a watch. I have 21 watches in boxes at home.

Source: ESPNFC.

That's not a bit weird or anything, Jose.

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