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Mourinho expecting another 'quiet' transfer window, which probably means very little

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Ah yes, the classic Mourinho transfer window prediction.

"And once more, I think our transfer policy will be nice and quiet..."

Don't mind us.  Nothing major to see here.  No sirreebob.

"...and will also be a consequence of the players we sell and the funds we make from the players we sell."

Fine, fine.  This summer we will not set a new record for most expensive defender ever sold.  Excuse our noise.

"So let's see what happens. But at this moment if you ask me am I happy with the players I have here, I am happy with the squad I have."

"If you ask me 'you say zero movement in and out', I say I don't believe because we always want to improve and there are always a couple of changes to be made. But nothing really important. I am not worried about funds because they are fine."

Nothing important like the last quiet summer when we bought a most important striker and an almost equally as important central midfielder.  Or this winter when we sold a German World Cup hero and bought a Colombian World Cup hero.  Or all the Torres loan-transfer shenanigans.  What's "really important," if none of those count as "really important?"  Getting Messi?  A football playing t-rex?

"Our transfer policy doesn't need a lot of funds, because we don't need a lot of things. We like our squad, we like our players and with a couple of exceptions we have a young squad."

Death to the oldies!

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