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Filipe Luis rubbishes Chelsea exit rumors

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Filipe Luis had quite possibly the most perfect first interview in the history of Chelsea TV first interviews.  A truly professional and fan-pleasing introduction.  Unsurprisingly, he's maintained that attitude ever since, even though he's only featured in about half of our games, with 17 starts and 5 substitute appearances to his name so far.

"It's a new situation in my career, after almost nine years playing almost every game.  When I arrived here in Chelsea, [I knew I wouldn't always play]. But the numbers are not that bad, I played half of Chelsea's games this season. [...] Obviously, everyone wants to play, everyone wants to be important, this is no different, but I completely understand [Mourinho's] technical [choice] and we have to respect always."

-Filipe Luis; source: Globo Esporte via Google Translate

Of course the rumor mill is as the rumor mill does, and it has already kicked into high gear about the 29-year-old leaving us.  Despite his third-choice full back status, he denies any and all such speculation.

"When I arrived here in Chelsea signed a three-year contract, which I want to fulfill. The team is in a great time, the team was champion of the [League] Cup, has the possibility of being champion of the Premier League, which is the most important to me. I do not think at the time no speculation, nothing of it. My head is completely up to Chelsea for this season finale. I know you can talk a lot and will talk a lot, but my head is prepared for this [finish to the] season which is very important both in Chelsea, as the national team. A chance of winning the Premier League title [following the] Spanish [one] is not easy. Also [playing] with the national team [in the Copa America] would be wonderful. So I just think about it and nothing else."

-Filipe Luis; source: Globo Esporte via Google Translate

So there ya have it.  Filipe is committed to the cause, both for professional and personal reasons, just like he was in the summer and throughout the fall when he was also waiting for his chance to play.  Of course there are no guarantees in football, and things can change in a flash.  But it certainly doesn't sound like he's intent on leaving, so for now, we can probably safely ignore the tabloid rumors to the contrary.

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