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Police investigate fresh claims of racist abuse after Chelsea's League Cup win

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We couldn't even manage 24 hours after winning a trophy without another unsavoury incident, it seems. British Transport Police were called in to deal with "racist and abusive" behaviour by football fans -- said by witnesses to be Chelsea supporters* -- on a train from London to Manchester in the aftermath of Sunday's win at Wembley Stadium.

*Which is obviously not the same as their being Chelsea supporters, but quibbling over that seems a bit silly given the last couple of weeks.

The witness reports make for unpleasant reading. Here's the Guardian's:

"None of them were wearing any Chelsea scarves or shirts but were chanting about how they’d just won the League cup and how they’re top of the league.

"I wasn’t in the carriage for very long as I moved about 15-20 minutes into the journey but just before the train set off, a young girl asked them to be quiet and was confronted by a man who wasn’t very pleasant to her and pressed his finger against her face.

"Then she pushed his hand away and he dropped his drink and continued shouting in her face and demanded she buy him another drink. His friends were chanting his name as this was happening and then the girl began to cry but he carried on and then she left the train."

... and the Mail's:

"It was horrendous. They were Chelsea fans and they were being nasty and offensive. One passenger, a black man, moved carriages because he was disgusted with them.

One girl was crying. The police got on and marched them off the train."

Another witness said the fans were asking two young Asian girls where their burkas were and singing songs about Spurs and Auschwitz.

Do we need to go through this again? Racism has no place in society, and it's thoroughly disturbing that there's still a sizable contingent of fans who disagree with that position. Chelsea are being associated with a societal problem, which sucks, but that just means that those of us to abhor this sort of thing need to speak out against it all the more vehemently.

No to racism. No to homophobia. No to sexism. No to bigotry.

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