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Terry celebrates 'massive' first trophy

Clive Rose/Getty Images

It's somewhat fitting that Jose Mourinho Mk. II's first trophy with Chelsea comes a full decade after the first edition's League Cup triumph against Liverpool, and the comparison isn't exactly lost on the people who've been with the club that whole time. And who better to talk about the impact both matches had than John Terry? We're certainly not going to begrudge the man who scored the winner on Sunday a few words about how helpful adding to our trophy collection is for this new team:

That's the first one, it's massive. It meant an awful lot to us (to win the League Cup) in 2004/05 in Jose's first year here. That (Sunday's win) could be the start of something special but we have to kick on and we have the league to focus on, but it's a great day and a great win today.

The pressure was there before the game, obviously, but that's what cup finals do to you. I thought we played very well, handled the game very well and delighted with the win.

Source: Mail.

Despite nerves leftover from bad refereeing decisions and the disaster at White Hart Lane, Chelsea played a superb, controlled game, looking every inch the team that took the Premier League by storm in the mid-00s. This is one of the highest-pressure matches that many of the youngsters have played in (Eden Hazard, if you remember, missed the Europa League final with injury two years ago), and it was good to see them snap straight into ultra-professional win mode.

As Terry suggests, now it's time to take the cup final focus and apply it to our league matches. West Ham away coming right up.

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