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Mourinho: Time to 'put the Cup in the museum' and get back to training

Clive Rose/Getty Images

I suppose it's one disadvantage of winning a trophy in the middle of the season, that you don't get to properly celebrate.  You win the Premier League or the Champions League or any of the big international summer tournaments, and unless you're contending for a domestic and European double, you get to bask in the glory of your accomplishments for days if not weeks.  But with still one-third of the league season left, there's no time to relax.  Most certainly not when your coach is José Mourinho.

"It's beautiful to be back at Wembley, but it will be 20 minutes of celebration, then back to training and we have a big game on Wednesday."

-José Mourinho; source: Independent

When interviewed immediately after the game, Mourinho was already thinking of Wednesday's match against West Ham United.  Better chug that champagne, Eden!

That last line is quite possibly one of my favorite lines ever from José, and it didn't even have to involve little horses, or grade A eggs, or parked buses.


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